94 Ideas

Well, here we have it: 94 ideas for things to do in Taipei, collected from people all over Twitter, Facebook, Skritter, this blog, and elsewhere. I’ll be choosing 50 things from this list to accomplish over 5 days (more, if there’s time), and sharing these experiences in upcoming posts. Thanks to all for the suggestions, and stay tuned!

PS:  The suggestion deadline was today (5/21). However, I will still consider new ideas submitted during the coming week, since the idea is to have some great Taipei experiences, not just to maintain strict deadlines. Feel free to comment with new ideas through the end of the project, and I’ll add them to the list. 🙂

The Master List

  1. Go shrimpingAngie C.
  2. Visit the Danshui waterfrontAngie C. and Jesse M.
  3. Do a hike around Neihu – Angie C.
  4. Hot springs in Beitou  (Pei Ching H. recommends Villa 32)
  5. Take in the view from Elephant Mountain (or any of the 4 Beasts) – Jesse M. & Amy G.
  6. Visit one or more of the military dependents’ villagesXiao Bih
  7. See a music performanceJae M.
  8. Visit the little island under the Zhong Xing Bridge between Wanhua & Sanchong – Bryan L.
  9. Get a sausage and a pearl milk tea in Sanchong – Bryan L.
  10. Find a place where there are 2 7-11’s on the same block and make a purchase in each one Lily Y.
  11. See a show at TaipeiEYEAmy G.
  12. Visit the Miniatures Museum of TaiwanAmy G.
  13. Visit Jesse House bakeryJesse M.
  14. See an exhibition at MOCAAmy G.
  15. Get a reading from a witch – Prish L.
  16. Visit the Su Ho Paper MuseumAmy G.
  17. Visit Di Hua Street (迪化街) – Xiao Bih
  18. Get a shawarma from Mohammed (in Gongguan)Jesse M.
  19. Shop at the used book/music/junk store on Yong Kang Street (永康街)Jesse M.
  20. Go for reflexologyLily Y.
  21. Stop by the Red House Theater & designers’ marketXiao Bih
  22. Prowl the 228 Peace Park at nightJesse M.
  23. Walk through the Botanical GardenAmy G. & Jesse M.
  24. Find a sexual chi gong class – Prish L.
  25. Pick out fabric and get a furoshiki made behind Taipei Main Station, then fill it – @graphgetsen
  26. Hit some balls at the batting cage near Miramar@yiiee & Anna S.
  27. Visit The Spot, an arthouse cinema – @yiiee
  28. Let fish eat the dead skin off my feet at one of those special hot springs. – Anna S.
  29. Try the 新卡莎 vegetarian restaurant in Gongguan (they have a “steak” made of basil!)@scrungew00t
  30. Visit the Taipei Fine Arts Museum. – Anna S.
  31. Visit the Martyr’s Shrine. – Anna S.
  32. Climb Fuzhoushan (福州山) and search for hidden graves. – Anna S.
  33. Take a long walk in the middle of the night and keep an eye out for people hauling half pigs. – Anna S.
  34. Shop at Bear Mama DIY shop. Missy M.
  35. Check out the houses and lanes around Danshui – Sarah Z.
  36. Have some Peking Duck, Taipei style – Tiffany H.
  37. Have afternoon tea at Hello Kitty SweetsTiffany H.
  38. Take my dog for a walk at Daan Park. –Tiffany H.
  39. Get a powder & floss facial near Xing Tian Gong Tiffany H.
  40. Visit Raohe Night MarketTiffany H. & Michael C.
  41. Visit Lingxia Night MarketTiffany H.
  42. Play Mahjongg – Tiffany H.
  43. Get clothes made at the fabric market – Tiffany H.
  44. Have the dandan noodles with wontons at Liu Mama in Tienmu – @stephwu
  45. Get the red bean & mochi shaved ice at Tai Yi Milk KingJoan from a hungry girl’s guide to Taipei
  46. Join the protesters in front of the Legislative Yuan. – @taiwanreporter
  47. Go to Eslite at 4 a.m. and see what kind of crazy or lonely people are there at that hour. @taiwanreporter
  48. Check out Bopiliao Old Street & its Monga props & costumes. – Todd from The Daily Bubble Tea
  49. See Yuantong Temple in Zhonghe. – Todd from The Daily Bubble Tea
  50. Climb the small hill near Jingmei MRT station. Michael C. from Peimic.com
  51. Take a walk through the little park next to SweetMe in Xinbeitou – Stefan
  52. Check out Beitou Hot Spring MuseumStefan
  53. Visit the new Beitou libraryStefan
  54. Check out Guandu TempleStefan
  55. Rent a bike in Guandu and ride along the river to Danshui- Stefan
  56. Take in a double feature at the second-run movie theater in Gongguan – Erin L. & Jesse M.
  57. Go to Daan Park to watch a 3-on-3 basketball game & try to pick the winner. – Hack the painter
  58. Eat 3 baozi at the Tonghua Night Market from the guys near the pet stores. – Hack the painter
  59. Go to the Taipei Fine Arts Museum but don’t go inside. Browse the gift shop for a half hour instead.- Hack the painter
  60. Go to Forkers and get a Hack Burger (#38). – Hack the painter
  61. Pick up a small sketchbook from the arts supply store at the corner of Zhongshan by Taipei Main; carry it on your adventure & draw what you see. – Hack the painter
  62. Go to the Taipei Zoo and see the pandas. Blow them a kiss. – Hack the painter
  63. Buy a small bottle of Kaoliang. Take a shot. Try not to puke. – Hack the painter
  64. Go to Akuma Caca Cafe off Renai Circle. Have some tea and stare at the art.Hack the painter
  65. Visit Taipei 101, take in the view, and marvel at the engineering feat of the super-fast elevators. – Melissa
  66. Go to a local market and buy 1 of every fruit you don’t recognize, and a ripe mango if you can find one.Melissa
  67. Take a ferry to Danshui Fisherman’s WharfStefan
  68. Have a foot massage in Danshui – Stefan
  69. Enjoy a snack at  三協成 Bakery (where the owner is a language lover!) – Stefan
  70. Hit up Shilin Night MarketStefan
  71. Visit Modern Toilet in Ximending. – 董雅各, Skritter user
  72. Get off the MRT at Taipei Zoo, then head up to the paths up in the hills. – 董雅各, Skritter user
  73. Drink snake blood. – Jonas from Jonas Approved
  74. Ride a moped. – Jonas from Jonas Approved
  75. Eat at Yong He Dou Jiang in the middle of the night. – Jonas from Jonas Approved
  76. Check out Jin Lung Temple, atop a low ridge with excellent views of northern Taipei. – Michael Turton from The View from Taiwan
  77. Visit the Wanhua Red Light District near Lungshan Temple. – Michael Turton from The View from Taiwan
  78. Have a KGB burger (in Shida). – Michael Turton from The View from Taiwan
  79. Enjoy a meal at Nonzero.Chu Ping
  80. Visit Huashan Culture Park to see what’s up. – Chris R. from 100strangerstofriends
  81. Drink beer in a Family Mart with a toilet. – Chris R. from 100strangerstofriends
  82. Get your fortune told by a bird at Raohe Night Market. – Chris R. from 100strangerstofriends
  83. Get lost in the underground city under Taipei Main Station. – Chris R. from 100strangerstofriends
  84. Take your shoes off and walk over one of those crazy rock pathways for “invigoration” found in many parks – Jesse M.
  85. Eat some peanut butter mochi – Jesse M.
  86. Have green onion cake – Jesse M.
  87. Enjoy some 甜不辣 – Jesse M.
  88. Shop at the flower market – Jesse M.
  89. Pretend to shop at one of the major designer boutiques, such as Gucci, Chanel, or Louis Vuitton – Jesse M.
  90. Take a picture of one of those trays of sizzling animal parts that vendors hawk to children like candy – Jesse M.
  91. Have tea at Wistaria Tea House. – Leiven H.
  92. Have tea up in the Muzha Hills of Maokong.  – Leiven H.
  93. Go to the amazing indoor water spa at the Taipei Water Park. – Leiven H.
  94. See a hand puppet show at 敘 舊布袋戲園 or just check out the place and the puppets. – Leiven H.

5 Responses to “94 Ideas”

  1. graphgetsen May 22, 2010 at 12:35 am #

    +leave trail of crumbs
    it looks fun!

    • ktvxiaojie May 24, 2010 at 11:59 pm #

      Ah, but this blog is my trail of crumbs, isn’t it? 🙂

  2. Lucie Luke June 7, 2011 at 9:08 pm #

    If it’s not too late, you should add :

    95. Go to Juming Museum and strike a pose with the Tai-chi and soldier sculptures. 😉

  3. Danielle July 6, 2011 at 3:37 am #

    Hi! Great blog! It was recommended to me when I first arrived in Taiwan 15 months ago and I have tried to do many of the things on the list. Recently I felt inspired to compile a similar list of “missions” to accomplish during my time in Taiwan. Things to do all over the country as well as Taipei. I was hoping you could put some suggestions towards it!
    The post is http://daniellelam.blogspot.com/2011/06/to-my-friends-who-have-lived-or-are.html
    Please check it out 🙂


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