Taipei Thing #2: See a live music performance

24 May

Obnoxious 機車樂團

Thing #1 is what took me to Thing #2: a live music performance. Jae M., who used to love seeing live music when she lived in Taipei, suggested this one.

Fortunately, my friend Manav (hidden in the dark behind the drumset in the photo above) made this task possible by inviting me to see his band’s very first show last night at Roxy Roots. Obnoxious (機車樂團) performs both originals and covers, and did a great job on their first time out, opening up for Black Reign International Sound. Looking forward to seeing these guys again!

Incidentally, Roxy Roots is one of the new-ish members of the Roxy family, and, being located in the trendy Xinyi District, is quite different from the longer-standing Roxy 99 and Roxy Jr. (or the now-just-a-memory Roxy Vibe). You’ll find Roxy’s familiar menu of drinks and food at Roots, with some extras that can’t be ordered at other locations. More important, though, is the live music. A good night to check it out is Wednesday, when you’ll be able to catch the weekly showcase of performers, hosted by a different local musician each time. Check out the schedule at: Roxy Roots

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