Let the wild Taipei rumpus begin!

23 May

The beginning!

In order to make sure I could complete one of the items on my list (Taipei Experience #2 – see upcoming post), I decided to kick off my 5 days in Taipei at 10 p.m. last night, 5/22. This means that I now have until 10 p.m. on Thursday, 5/27 to complete at least 50 things on my list.

Fortunately, things are already off to a great start. In fact, in only an hour and a half last night, I was able to complete 3.5 of the things on the list! Why 3.5? You’ll see in the next few posts. Keep reading!

About the itinerary…

My normal method of travel, no matter where I go, is to pick one major thing to see each day, but allow myself to get lost and discover things naturally for the rest of the time. This is one reason I generally prefer to travel alone, since many people can’t tolerate this type of travel. Of course, just letting things develop naturally won’t work well in this case if I really want to do 50 things in Taipei in 5 days. A number of the items on the list are spread out across greater Taipei and transportation time is a factor. Thus, I’ve sketched out a 5-day plan, but have decided not to post it online for a few reasons, the primary reason being that I know I’m completely incapable of sticking to said plan. Weather is another factor; in fact, today’s rain has already caused a shift in plans, and the forecast for the week (rain EVERY DAY!) tells me that I may end up having to swap out some of the outdoor activities for dry, indoor ones.

And to friends in Taipei who had hoped to join me on some of the outings, you’re still very welcome. I’d suggest doing this one of two ways

  1. Send me a message telling me which thing you wanted to do together, and I’ll let you know when I’m planning to do it
  2. Give me a block of a few hours when you’re free, I’ll tell you where to meet, and let the rest be a surprise!

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